Rally point

How can I build a rally point?

The rally point can only be built at one location. This location is found to the right of your villages centre on the meadow.


How can I found an alliance?

To found an alliance you need an embassy at level 3. To be able to join an alliance you just need an embassy at level 1 and, of course, an invitation to join the alliance.

How can I change the name of my village?

First select the village you wish to remain by clicking it under Villages. Next click Profile at the left then Change Profile. Change the name in the Village name box and click OK.

How do I train troops?

You need a rally point which is at least level 1 and a main building which is at least level 3. When you have those you can raise Barracks and there you can train infantry.

How do I defend my village?

As long as there are troops (your own or troops sent to reinforce you) in your village they defend your village automatically.

Each building increases the population of your village by a certain number of new inhabitants. How many new inhabitants are produced by raising/extending a building is shown next to the symbol Use of crop.

Help, my crop production sinks more and more!

At Production (e.g. 10) your crop production minus your use of crop because of population (e.g. 5) and Troops is shown. Your total crop production is shown in the upper right corner. e.g. use of crop 5/15
In the example 8 would be your use of crop, 15 your total crop production,
15 - 8 = 7 units of crop per hour.

Why do my troops plunder so few resources?

There are two explanations. Firstly, each troop type can only carry a certain number of resources. Secondly, your victim might have a cranny where his or her villagers automatically hide a certain number of resources that your plundering hordes cannot find.

How can I found or conquer new villages?

You need three settlers to found a new village. To conquer a village you need an administrator (senator, chief or chieftain) which can be trained in your palace/residence at level 10. Additionally you need a certain number of culture points.

Can I lose a village?

Every village can be catapulted to 0 inhabitants and as long as it is not the last of your account it will disappear after a short time. The only village that cannot be conquered is the capital. Note that destroying the capital is still possible.